3 Ways to Make Your Home Office Shine

Desktop computer mock-up on an industrial desk in a scandinavian student bedroom interior workspace with white walls

If you’ve just started working remotely, you’ve probably noticed the challenges that come with it. It can be tricky to focus, stay motivated, and to feel like you’re actually at work. That’s because clocking in at the brick and mortar business, arriving at the office, or meeting face to face with clients has a ritualized aspect that causes our work-mode to activate. As such, transitioning to remote work can be tough!

Thankfully, there are some concrete ways of dealing with these challenges and make your home office shine!

  1. Make it Private
  2. Freelancing from home while your family, partner, or roommates are around can sometimes be tricky. If you are sitting at your computer in a communal part of your home, others may be inclined to bother you, or make conversation. You might even be inclined to drift away from your work and get involved with what others are up to. This is a significant work-from-home hazard as it whittles away at your productivity. This is why dedicating a separate room is vital. Choose your space wisely.

  3. Make it Functional
  4. Make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach. Of course, there are the basics: a desk, a comfortable chair, storage space, lighting, power, and all the technology to run your business. But you’ve thought of those things. If you have room for a bookshelf, be sure to stock it with titles that will spark your creativity. Set up a nice comfy chair by your bookshelf so that, perhaps, you can start your workday with a morning ritual of getting inspired before sitting in front of the computer. On that note, you don’t always have to be sitting. Why not set up a floating shelf, so you have the option of standing while you work? Standing at your computer is an excellent remedy for drowsiness or sluggishness, and it has been suggested that it improves one’s mood. Try it out for yourself!

  5. Make it Spark Joy
  6. To borrow from Marie Kondo, make sure to surround yourself with things that “spark joy.” But what does that phrase mean? It’s based on the idea that you can immediately tell when an object makes you happy or not. Trust your senses as you set up your desk. Ask yourself: does this photograph make me happy? Does this paperweight carry a spark? Does that painting put me in a good mood? All these little decisions will add up, ultimately resulting in a home office that you genuinely love.

With these helpful tips and tricks, you’re ready to transform your workspace into a hub of productivity and happiness. Remember: Make it private, make it functional, and make it spark joy!

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