Frequently Asked Questions

You should consult a highly experienced real estate agent to help you navigate all the homes for sale and find the best options for you. An experienced real estate agent such as Judy Martin understands the local market, the neighborhoods, school systems, local laws and the specifics of buying a home in a given area and will help you find the perfect home for your wants and needs.

There are many things you should consider. A big one is deciding what your budget is, as dictated by your financial situation. If you have kids, you should research the nearby schools and see if there are any playgrounds or family-friendly spaces in the area. You should also consider the neighborhood and see how close the house is to amenities such as grocery shopping or restaurants.

A real estate agent will essentially act as a middleman between you and the real estate market. There are so many steps to buying or selling a home, but an experienced real estate agent will walk you through every step of the way while keeping your best interests in mind.

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Your real estate agent will keep you up to date on what is going on with your listed property, including how many people are interested, schedule showings and respond to feedback from other realtors and potential home buyers to gauge the overall interest in your property.