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Judy Martin
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Judy Martin

In my 29+ years of experience, I have helped hundreds of families buy and sell their homes. My business goal has always been to obtain the most value for my clients in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of hassle. I provide exceptional, personable representation and fiduciary duty they expect and deserve.

My clients are always my #1 top priority! Listening to their needs, time frames and financial objectives is critical to giving them the most positive experience possible when selling or buying a home. I have created systems to stay in constant communication with my clients. More than 50% of my business today comes from repeat business or past client referrals -- people connecting someone they care about to someone they trust.

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Find Your Dream Home in Maryland with the Best Real Estate Agent

If you are looking for a new home in either North Bethesda, MD, Rockville, MD, Montgomery County, MD, or any of the surrounding areas such as Washington DC and Northern Virginia, you definitely need a real estate agent to help you navigate and find the best home listings for your needs. Using a highly qualified real estate agent can save you thousands of dollars and help you navigate the tricky and often overwhelming business of home buying. Buying a new home is a huge decision and with all the various steps and negotiation processes that come with finding the right home, having the right real estate agent on your side will make all the difference. Judy Martin is the best real estate agent for the job, with over 29 years of experience finding dream homes for a variety of home buyers.

Dedication to Clients

The best real estate agent for the job is one who is dedicated to her clients and wants to make sure each of them gets as much value as they quickly and effectively. The best real estate agent in Maryland – Judy Martin—comes highly recommended and is extremely trustworthy. Check out the testimonials below from her former and current clients.

What Can the Best Real Estate Agent Do for Me?

If you want to buy a new home in North Bethesda, MD, Rockville, MD, Montgomery County, MD, or the surrounding areas of Washington DC and Northern Virginia, a great real estate agent such as Judy Martin will assist you in finding the right options, sorting through them based on your needs and wants, and navigate the often-tricky home buying process.

Judy can also guide you through the complicated and emotional process of selling your current home in Maryland. Judy will bring you the most value with fewer days on the market through staging and marketing your home with professional photos and video, brochures, listings and other marketing efforts. From pricing your home correctly for the market, to negotiating the terms of the contract, to guiding the deal through the Settlement phase with no hurdles, you’re in excellent and experienced hands with Judy Martin.

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