Location, location, location


Just because it’s cliche doesn’t make it any less true… Location matters.

When you’re on the house hunt, the number one rule is location, location, location. Be practical and pragmatic, but above all, be focused. Make those three words into a mantra.

Here are five considerations for when you’re picking the location of your forever home:

  1. Accessibility to shopping and entertainment: How close or far are you from shopping and entertainment? When you arrive home from work, will you have the energy to stop by the grocery store? Will it be realistic to get everything you need to get done, and still have time to enjoy some time in nature?
  2. Schools: Kids wake up early to go to school, and the farther away you are, the earlier they’ll have to get up to get there. Conversely, if you’re not a parent, being near a school zone has drawbacks like slower speed limits and more traffic at certain hours of the day. If you’re too close, noise from a playground can sometimes affect your noise level.
  3. Amenities: It’s one thing to have a grocery store and a drugstore nearby, but what about your other needs? You might also need access to medical facilities, work or other places to make your living situation feasible.
  4. Access to major roadways: How many backroads and detours will you have to take to get to the one highway that leads to the airport? That is a question that is sometimes overlooked, and can lead to some grief when family comes to visit OR when you are planning a road trip!
  5. Walkability: Can you walk anywhere you want to go? In some places, you can, but in most places, you’ll need a car to survive. But what if your car breaks down? Having a walkable neighborhood is really important for those who don’t want the expense of a car.

If you’re looking for a home in Gaithersburg, I can help you find the best location. With my 30+ years working in the area, I have a lot of insight to offer. If you’d like to enlist my help, my consultations are completely free with no obligations.

Call me at [ai_phone href=”+1.301.208.2288″]301.208.2288[/ai_phone], or email me: [mail_to email=”[email protected]”][email protected][/mail_to].

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